We are willing to share the unique experience of Anvio VR in attracting customers with our partners. Our team of professionals specializes in the promotion of VR LBE clubs and knows the target audience very well. Advance payment: for a month The service is only available with the Franchisee package. The service includes: • Targeted advertising on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. We show ads to the target audience based on their queries and interests. Why Facebook and Instagram? It is these social networks that give the maximum conversion rate for VR LBEs. • Content Management. The strategy of presence in social media – we'll tell you how to publish posts to interest the target audience. Maintain social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and VK during the first month of operation so that your employees can learn how to attract customers using examples. • Working with mapping services. We'll create accounts for you, fill them with information, and tell you what you need to do so that customers are not lazy to leave feedback. • Landing pages and warming up visitors to the site. Additional landing pages increase the visitors' flow to your site, and the wheel of fortune and other gamification elements increase conversions. • Up-market promotional materials. Post templates, professional photos of players and equipment, layouts of leaflets, and certificates. • End-to-end analytics We provide daily analytical reports on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. More ads. In addition, we can: • Involve a call center for Russian-speaking partners. • Expand the list of advertising channels per individual inquiry. • Conduct comprehensive promotions. • Set up online newsletters for selected communication channels (e-mail, SMS, messengers).