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Announcing the biggest PvP free roam experience

We are thrilled to present you with our new Anvio release - Revolta is now available in a 10x20-meter form factor!

Revolta has been adapted and enhanced to host battles in a significantly larger arena, accommodating up to ten players simultaneously. This will provide you with an excellent alternative to laser tag, offering significantly greater possibilities for equipment usage and venue utilization.
The game now boasts new levels, modes, maps and weapons. This rich variety and engaging content amplifies the potential for repeated plays

Revolta presents 6 unique 10x20 form-factor levels, 2 game modes (team deathmatch and counter-strike), 5 types of weapons, and 14 character skins. Players can look forward to thrilling battles where strategy and tactics are keys to victory.

The game allows for coexistence with traditional laser tag experiences, offering gamers the chance to enjoy a diverse range of gameplay

Meticulous attention has been given to every detail, accounting for obstacles and pillars within the game zone to ensure simple integration to the space

Location and hardware requirements

With minimal equipment required - portable computers, headsets, and a router - the 10x20-meter setup welcomes adventurers to partake in wondrous exploits. "Revolta" can be set up in various locations, including existing laser tag arenas.

1 game PC or laptop
2 Wifi 6 AP + switch
10x20 meters for game zone
Revolta offers an immersive venture into virtual reality. Players are able to enjoy a broad selection of gaming options and unparalleled opportunities of multiplayer combat.

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