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Apple Vision Pro Release - What's Changing?

What is it?
Apple Vision Pro is an innovative device from Apple that integrates digital content and applications with your physical space, allowing you to control them with your eyes, hands, and voice. With visionOS, you can use built-in applications such as Apple TV, Safari, and Photos, as well as download third-party applications from the App Store. The device is complemented by the Solo Knit Band for comfortable wearing and a battery attached to the audio strap. Environments allow you to turn your space into immersive landscapes for deep immersion in content.

What does it bring to entertainment?
Apple Vision Pro focuses on improving interaction between people and using special video content on a large screen. The helmet is designed to stimulate collaboration and teamwork, providing comfortable content viewing and idea exchange. The large display of the helmet provides a convenient and immersive user experience. It can become an ideal tool for work, education, and entertainment thanks to its features and capabilities, opening up new possibilities for collaborative creativity and project development.

Can LBE afford it?
However, the price of Apple Vision Pro, starting from $3500 and reaching $5000 with additional components, is considered excessively high by most users. It should also be noted that the gaming capabilities of the helmet are limited due to the lack of controllers, which reduces its appeal to gamers. At the moment, we do not see prospects for using Apple Vision Pro in LBE VR locations, but we expect the next generation of the device with controllers or peripherals from Apple.