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Corporate events: a new VR format

Organizing corporate events is a big managerial task. This is true in the case of traditional formats. The VR format, fortunately, has many advantages, eliminating the need to solve a lot of problems.

Corporate events have been a part of many companies and organizations for a long time. This is what helps to unite the team and establish new connections. As in many other areas, corporate events change over time. Thanks to the development of technology, changes have happened to the traditional formats of these events. Today, the possibilities of virtual reality have changed the approach to planning and organizing corporate events.
Previously, corporate events were quite monotonous: going out to a restaurant (often with an entertainment program and a host of the event) or a weekend country trip. Both have already been boring and they require high costs. Although they provide valuable opportunities for bonding and networking. Companies have to take into account the costs of renting, service, entertainment, catering and much more.

VR in the entertainment industry has become a real revolution in events. This innovation allows companies to organize exciting interactive events, eliminating the need for tedious organizational moments. In the context of the endless crises and remote work, relatively low-cost VR entertainment has become more relevant and in demand than ever before.
The advantages of choosing VR parks for corporate events are significant for both the company and its employees. Let's look at a few of them in more detail:

  • Cost savings. Events in VR locations significantly reduce the costs such as the costs of the rent, service, hosting and catering. With the choice of venue in favor of virtual entertainment, many of these costs could be significantly reduced or completely eliminated. No more overpayments or budget outages: prices in VR parks are fixed and set in advance.

  • Availability. VR parks are usually conveniently located, they could be easily and quickly reached by public transport. If previously it was necessary to think in detail about the route to the destination, then if you choose a location with virtual entertainment, this problem disappears. This is due to the fact that VR parks are often located in shopping malls, the road to which is known to everyone.

  • Versatility. It is always hard to please everyone, but not for VR parks. Unlike traditional events, virtual reality has the opportunity to interest guests: everyone will not only get a new exciting experience, but also play something that they are really interested in. Age is completely unimportant: VR will appeal to both young and much older people. Emotions, moods and impressions are something that your employees will definitely not forget.

  • High engagement. A new experience gives a storm of emotions. VR is becoming not just a technology, but a whole world for the player. Immersion into another reality comes with high participant engagement: here you can walk around, use and move objects, look around yourself and much more, which makes what is happening more real. Competitive or team games, such as shooters, will increase interaction between employees. They could also open everyone from a new side.
Visiting a VR park for a corporate event carries significant benefits, including cost savings, accessibility, versatility and high engagement. Why don't you consider virtual entertainment for your next corporate event and take advantage of all the benefits which it offers?
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