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VR Headsets for LBE VR in 2023-2024

Recently, the Meta Quest 3 was released for $500. It's a good deal, but many LBE VR business owners are concerned: is it worth upgrading, and if so, when? What about game support for the new headset? Let's address these questions and figure out the most effective actions to take.

Let's create a comparative table for Meta, Pico, and Vive products.

We won't be considering headsets from other manufacturers as they aren't significant or stable players. This could lead to disastrous consequences if something goes wrong.
* Prices as of October 2023, approximate for US and EU regions. Prices may vary in your country.

As seen from the comparative table, the Meta Quest 2 remains an attractive offer. Yes, it lags behind in technical specifications compared to the Meta Quest 3 and Pico Neo 4, but it's also 25% cheaper. For the next few months, it will still be a viable option for purchase.

The primary headsets you should consider purchasing now are the Meta Quest 3 and Pico Neo 4. They are roughly equal in technical specifications, except for Wi-Fi 6E support in the Meta Quest 3. Is this important for LBE locations? Essentially, only if you plan on having 20+ headsets for streaming games from computers.

Additionally, it's essential to remember that Meta Quest headsets cannot control firmware updates, leading to occasional stability issues with tracking/network. According to our observations, noticeable problems occur every 1-1.5 years for 2-4 weeks.

In our opinion, the best option for LBE in the next six months will be the Pico Neo 4. It offers a good price, high stability (according to our partners' feedback, tracking quality is better than in Oculus Quest 2), and firmware control.

In second place is the Meta Quest 2 due to its favorable price-to-game support ratio.

Meta Quest 3 takes a cautious third place. The price is appealing, but there are a) instability with Meta's firmware b) unknown firmware quality at the initial sales stage.

Pico Neo 4 Pro and HTC Vive Focus 3 occupy the fourth place. The high price for licensing purity isn't the most attractive bonus. However, if a license is required, Pico Neo 4 Pro would be preferable.

The next equipment recommendations will come after the release of the next generation of Pico headsets (yes, we aren't expecting anything interesting from HTC, unfortunately). We anticipate Wi-Fi 6E support and the new Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, similar to the Meta Quest 3.