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VR Park: a point of attraction for parties

Traditional places for events are less and less likely to satisfy the high demands of clients. Such places are being replaced by VR clubs and parks, which make celebrations really memorable. In the article we will tell you what celebrations could be held in new locations and why they are so attractive.

A VR location is a place where everyone could find out the opportunities of virtual reality. It could be attractions located in public places, entertainment mall kiosks, clubs and even parks.

Of course, only specialized and roomy places are suitable for organizing the event. They are VR clubs and parks. But even if you choose these locations for the celebration, you need to make sure in advance if they are suitable for it. This is due to the fact that not all large VR locations, such as clubs and parks, are appropriate for celebrations: the lack of lounge areas or the option to close the place for the event will make it impossible.
What are the features of the new format? In fact, they are quite striking:

  • The novelty of the format. Cafes, restaurants, cinemas, museums have become something ordinary. VR-park is the answer to the question: where to celebrate a birthday unusual?

  • Emotions. VR-games are very immersive: everything that happens seems real, the participant is involved in the process. In a game session, you could be scared, surprised, excited, and, of course, could laugh. Watch the video with vivid emotions of visitors, for which lots of clients come back again and again.

  • Use of new technologies. Of course, everyone has heard about virtual reality headset, but not everyone has the opportunity to try them personally. That is why many visitors go to VR clubs. A new experience is remembered for a long time and people want to share it with everybody.

Common questions: “Where and how to celebrate a birthday?It is clear that those who ask such questions are looking for something new and unusual that can surprise and please the guests. A virtual reality park would be able to satisfy their needs.
In what style a birthday party should be celebrated? In the style of virtual reality, of course. VR birthday is something that both the birthday boy/girl and their friends will like. How is the event organized? VR parks often have several options. The simplest and most affordable one is a gaming session. This is a certain amount of time that is spent on the arena or attraction. A more interesting and more expensive option is a birthday party organization. Additional areas will be needed here, they are lounge zones, which are not available in every location. Such events are better: guests have fun on the arenas, and then the celebration is smoothly transferred to the lounge area where they can have a snack. Moreover, sometimes virtual reality locations have their own catering partners. This significantly simplifies the organization of the party and removes the need for preparation from the customer: there is no need to think about the details, about when and what will be brought, as the staff will take care of everything. The hero of the occasion is only required to agree on the options and have fun.

When we talk about birthdays, we mean all age groups. We have already described above how such events for adults are organized. A similar scheme works for children's parties. The only difference is the guests and games for them: children should choose entertainment suitable for their age. The help of the club's staff is often needed, they will be able to advise on the available assortment.

Another special event is a corporate party, which is usually held in honor of some holiday. The presence of a lounge area is also important for its organization. Sometimes clients want to get additional services besides catering, for example, a photographer or a host. In this case, it will be great if the VR park has permanent partners. The program of the event may be complemented and slightly changed. Usually the order is: virtual reality entertainments, a banquet, free time. A corporate party is organized for spending time with colleagues. It is more of an entertainment event.

Now, team building is at the peak of its popularity. And it is not surprising, because it is something that helps to establish connections in the team, get to know and understand each other better. This directly affects the success of the company. That is why many organizations are looking for different ways and places to conduct team building. This is what a VR park can offer. Today, there are games that require teamwork and they can develop this skill. For example, the shooter Revolta, where there is a player versus player command mode. It resembles Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and requires teamwork: this is the only way to win. In addition, such games allow you to identify informal leaders. VR quest games are also popular.

As mentioned above, some event-oriented VR locations offer tariffs. They include a package of services and usually it turns out to be cheaper than buying everything separately. Anvio VR Park has placed tariffs in sections by type of holidays: children's birthdays, adult birthdays and corporate parties. The option with sections is the most convenient, as it eliminates the need to call or text to clarify if the tariff is suitable for a certain event.
The success of VR locations for events is difficult to dispute. People like to have parties here, get new emotions and experiences. And they will go to virtual reality locations that are prepared for this, that offer tariffs and services to organizations. VR events will not leave anyone indifferent.