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Preparation for the opening: what you need to know

Launching a VR franchise

Starting your own VR business is a serious step that requires preparation. In addition to choosing a location, renovating and designing the premises, and acquiring equipment, several tasks need to be addressed.

Business registration and taxes

The first task is to choose a business entity and establish a legal entity. To do this, you need to select the optimal option that suits your business and complies with the legal requirements in your country. Carefully study the conditions to choose the best option. Keep in mind that changing the form of conducting business can take a lot of time and effort.

Bank account

You need to find a reliable bank and open an account for various payments, such as rent, cleaning, salaries, etc. When you establish your legal entity, you will receive numerous offers from banks, but it is important to choose a reliable one and not forget about the costs of service fees.

Cash register and reporting documents

When opening a new point of sale, it is important to know what equipment is required for operation. The cost of a cash register needs to be added to your opening budget. In some services, you can connect to the tax authorities online and make all processes and reports automatic. It is necessary to operate in accordance with the legislation, otherwise, there may be problems with fines.

Payment acceptance system

If you use digital marketing to attract customers, you will need online payment acceptance and reservation management systems. You can use ready-made services that are integrated with payment systems. Anvio offers its partners a special reservation system that already works with the popular online payment system Stripe.

IP telephony

You will need a phone to receive incoming calls. The best solution would be IP telephony with configuration through online services.

Why is online telephony better than a regular phone?
  • You will be able to monitor the work of your employees: call statistics, the number of missed calls, etc.
  • You will also be able to listen to conversations between employees and clients, make corrections to the conversation script, and control tasks.

Special clothing for employees

Your employees should be provided with work attire. The employee uniform should be designed in a corporate style. This will help your customers easily recognize your employees, and they will be able to trust your company. You can pre-order branded T-shirts and hoodies in your brand colors with the logo.

Executing this step is simple. Find a printing shop that can print the design on work clothing by entering "T-shirt printing" and the name of your city in the search bar.

Gift certificates

Each certificate represents an equivalent amount that can be spent on services in your company. The certificate can be in electronic (digital) form or as a plastic card.

It is recommended to create unique certificates and issue them in an amount of 15-20% of your expected monthly number of visitors.

Launching the sale of certificates accelerates the word-of-mouth effect, so it is worth taking advantage of this opportunity to increase revenue and the number of visitors to your establishment.

To prevent fraud, it is important to use a certificate tracking system. This will help prevent deception when customers try to use the same certificate twice or when employees pass certificates to their friends.

Marketing and sales

Depending on your target audience, prepare a marketing strategy for the next 2-3 months. Be prepared that it will take time, typically two months or more, to increase your planned turnovers.

If you are opening a business in a new city or country, keep in mind that consumer behavior and interests may differ or have their own peculiarities.


It is important to select and train your staff properly. Before searching for new employees, determine how many people you need and for which positions. Different roles in the company require different levels of knowledge and skills.

  • Dedicate enough time to employee training and internships.
  • Be prepared that not all employees may be able to learn and pass the selection process.
We provide our partners with training materials, instructions, and videos on the job. We also conduct knowledge and skills assessments for employees to ensure they can work effectively with the equipment and communicate properly with customers.

Technical Opening

Opening a new VR club can be a challenging task. You may encounter technical equipment problems, difficulties in hiring staff, and increased costs due to ineffective advertising.

To address most of the complex issues, a common practice in the service industry is to conduct a technical opening. What does a technical opening entail? Organize free sessions at your venue for a specific time period.

For staff training and to refine technical procedures, it is recommended to conduct a minimum of 10-20 sessions. Invite friends or regular passersby for these sessions. The venue staff will serve them just like regular customers. This allows the staff to improve their skills until the gameplay process runs smoothly.

  • To attract customers, it is important to invest in proven marketing channels and increase budgets in areas where you get positive results.
  • Keep an eye on the cost per lead. Be prepared that these expenses will constitute 15-30% of the selling price.
  • Using marketing strategies on social media platforms, such as guest reviews and comments, messages, location check-ins, and, of course, photos of satisfied players, is a crucial part of your successful business.
We have covered the main aspects you may encounter when opening a new LBE VR location. Consider this article as a very brief plan of what needs to be done. Be prepared that each item will require detailed work and consideration from you.
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