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Why are LBE VR franchises better than laser tag for a shopping mall?

Today, there are a lot of business ideas in the entertainment field that could be implemented in shopping malls. The most popular of them are laser tag arenas and LBE VR locations. In this article we will consider free roam VR and both of these franchises.

Let’s start with virtual reality. It is a digital world where the user is immersed with special devices, such as VR headsets. It is quite popular all over the world. People buy special headsets and games or visit LBE VR (Location Based Entertainment Virtual Reality) to relax and have fun. LBE VR combines virtual reality arenas and attractions. It makes them more attractive for the leisure of friends and family. There are several companies offering franchises, which makes it easier to open your own location.

Laser tag franchise is another business idea that could be realized in shopping malls. Laser tag is a team game which is based on laser weapons and sensors that detect hits. It is like a paintball but in a safe format. This business requires a lot of space. Despite the fact that laser tag offers something unusual too, LBE VR remains a more affordable business option.
Why is LBE VR more beneficial than laser tag franchise? There are several reasons:

  • Unique features of VR parks. There your visitors could play VR team and single games. Besides, these games are different. They could play horror, adventure, quest, shooter games and so on. The advantage is the variability. Moreover, various attractions will also not leave anyone indifferent. Both adults and children will be involved.
  • High replayability. This point is connected closely to the previous one. There is no doubt that a laser tag match or round could be played again but all the variability is based on strategy, not on the outcome of the game. The laser tag has only one game and it is the laser tag itself. In LBE VR locations there are different games with different outcomes. That is why clients will come again to play other games or replay.
  • Less space. LBE VR needs less space than laser tag. For the second option a large area is needed because there will be many people. There should be an opportunity to hide and move. Also, only one or two groups of visitors are feasible there. LBE VR is less demanding on the size of the place. There could be several arenas, for example 5mx5m and 10mx10m. These sizes allow businessmen to conduct multiple sessions at the same time. Besides, VR attractions require little space.
  • Practicality and convenience of the equipment. There are no problems with constant charging or wear of equipment. It is typical for devices of LBE VR locations but not for laser tag equipment.

Speaking of LBE VR, we can not help but mention free roam VR franchises. Free roam VR is a technology which allows players to move freely. This method involves wireless headsets. Also, the movement is carried out not at the expense of joysticks, but because of real user’s movements. Special sensors make this possible. Free roam VR franchises offer a unique opportunity to customers.
Shopping malls have high traffic capacity that is why it is a great place to have a LBE VR franchise there. Besides, they are often located conveniently and they are accessible by public transport. Moreover, shopping malls are an attractive place for families with children and free roam VR franchises are attractive for them too. In addition, a lot of clients go directly to the virtual reality club in a shopping mall. This place is not only for kids. Adults will be excited as well. The wide range of games will satisfy everybody. Today, LBE VR locations and free roam VR franchises are a fascinating place to celebrate a birthday party for both children and adults. The organization of celebrations will bring additional income to your free roam VR franchise.

Anvio VR is a successful case. It is a company that offers LBE VR service. Anvio VR is a fast-growing VR entertainment operator and developer of VR games. The company has been operating in the VR industry since 2016 opening worldwide with more than 40 locations in 15 countries and monthly visits from more than 200,000 players. This free roam VR franchise continues to develop really actively. Besides, Anvio VR develops virtual reality games. One of them is Revolta. It resembles the world-famous game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” but in virtual reality. In addition, such games are a great alternative to laser tag. Thus, a free roam VR franchise covers more consumer needs. A LBE VR location will be a good choice.
LBE VR franceses are a successful business idea for implementation in shopping malls. A lot of benefits have already been listed. Free roam VR is an excellent and convenient addition to your LBE VR franchise. Of course, laser tags also offer a unique and interesting experience but LBE VR is more convenient for business.
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