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Arena and Cube

The Arena is a free-roam game zone with dimensions of 10x10m (33x33 ft.). The lack of wires, the ability to move in any direction, jump and even crawl - all of this immerses players in the game as much as possible. The size of the game zone allows you to completely forget about the limitations of the real world.
This format is capable of generating traffic itself. Up to 6 people can play simultaneously in the Arena.

The Cube free-roam game zone was designed specifically for owners of entertainment facilities (cinemas, shopping malls, children's recreational centers). The size of the playing area is 5x5m (17x17 ft).
Due to the compact size of the Cube format, it’s a profit-generating, complementary addition to a wide range of different venues, particularly with an existing flow of traffic.
Movement in the playing area is carried out using touch controllers. Players can take a few steps to the side and it is a great way to get acquainted with VR. However, our games are designed for all levels, shapes and sizes.
Up to 4 people can play at the same time in the Cube.

CUBE 17х17 Ft
We offer games for two different game formats
ARENA 33х33 ft
Comparative sizes of Arena and Cube: